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Google Assistant at VOICE Live From CES

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CES is known for bringing world-leading consumer technology under one roof for four days of awe-inspiring innovations and an introduction to what awaits the biggest industries.

In 2020, VOICE Summit will be running its own corner of CES to showcase fresh strategies and upcoming trends in Voice technology. With topics ranging from healthcare to gaming and appearances from companies like Disney, Amazon Alexa, and Lexus, it's gearing up to be a day filled with oohs, aahs, and plenty of, "wait, Voice can already do that?" All this fascinating tech and awe-inspiring content is being reigned in thanks to our title sponsor: Google Assistant. Thanks to their generous number of keynotes, panels, and booths—attendees will be fully equipped to jump into a successful 2020.

Here's what you can expect from Google Assistant at VOICE Live From CES 2020.

Google Assistant sessions

Learning and Investing in Voice

The first keynote of the day will be led by Google's Scott Huffman and Danny Bernstein, both of whom will be detailing how brands can break into Voice, along with the best investing opportunities in this burgeoning industry.

Voice Assistants on Mobile: Keynote and brand case studies

This keynote, courtesy of Google Assistant, will feature the wisdom and experience of Google's Baris Gultekin as he takes attendees through several brand case studies of Voice assistants on mobile. It's going to be an insightful session for brands hoping to reach their users through the device they hardly ever put down.

Partners in Voice showcase

Aside from several gold-mine sessions and expert guest speakers, Google Assistant will also be sponsoring two, 15-minute sessions showcasing their partners.

We have a few surprises in store for this, but what we can tell you is that Matt Sueoka from American Express will be one of the industry-leaders presenting their Voice-enabled successes. Keep an eye on our official Voice Live From CES speakers to see who's next in line.

Join us and Google Assistant at CES

January 8th is set to be an exciting day of discovery, opportunity, and community within the voice-first realm. Don't miss the chance to join us in Las Vegas at CES 2020 and be the first to hear about incoming voice-first trends and opportunities. It's a great way to put your brand one step ahead of everyone else this coming year.

(Psst: While you're here, take a look at what our other sponsors, WillowTree and Potato, will be revealing at CES!)

If you want to go, don't think about it too much because tickets increase this week (by quite a lot, mind you). Get your pass now!


Can't make it still want to join in? Livestream VOICE Live From CES.