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July 22-25, Newark, NJ, USA

"The largest voice tech event of the year."


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Participating Companies

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VOICE Summit is the world's largest voice-first event

VOICE Summit sponsored by Amazon Alexa is the world’s largest voice-tech conference attracting 5,000+ developers, conversational designers, startups, brands, agencies and executives at the forefront of the voice-first era. Organized by Modev, the multi-day conference will feature 15 tracks with keynotes, panels, workshops and an EXPO of more than 150 companies from around the world. Vertical industries covered include healthcare, fintech, transportation, entertainment, gaming, media, search, retail, enterprise, smart home, smart cities and hospitality.

The event will also feature the largest voice Hackathon in the world, the VOICE Summit Awards dinner, the voicehacks hackathon, a Startup EXPO, VOICE Experience Rooms and a scholarship program to bring 1000 attendees from marginalized communities.

Featured Speakers


The Conferences at VOICE

Who Should Attend?

  • format_shapesDesigners
    • Access to more than 50 hours of voice design related sessions
    • Work directly with Amazon staff at the forefront of conversational design 
    • Meet industry colleagues building the top rated voice design interfaces in the world 
    • Beginner, intermediate and advanced sessions 
    • Leave with a better understanding of voice design across all modes of AI interaction from chat to voice
  • codeDevelopers
    • 100+ hours of hands-on developer training
    • Beginner, intermediate and advanced sessions
    • More than ten Amazon Alexa staff leading the classes
    • Leave with actionable Skills development experience to launch your own titles or accelerate your companies entry into the voice-first era
    • Meet hundreds of like minded developers from around the world
  • whatshotBrands
    • Hear from more than 50 of the world's top brands
    • Hands-on sessions by Capital One, Audible, Yext, Comcast and more
    • Discover where bets are being placed and how companies are prioritizing interaction across all modes of consumer engagement
    • From hands-on workshops to keynote talks, any consumer facing brand will find information otherwise unavailable at VOICE
  • location_cityAgencies
    • Thought leadership starts with leading the conversation and VOICE is where the world's largest gathering of experts in the space will be July 22-26
    • Hundreds of brands will be on site to share their priorities  
    • With leading agencies actively involved through workshops and talks, hear where the industry is going
    • VOICE is an opportunity to train your agency staff on all aspects of conversational design
    • Set your strategy for the remainder of 2019 and beyond
  • important_devicesMarketers
    • Explore ideas for remaining at the forefront, as voice drives more eCommerce and search than ever before
    • Discover how brands are reaching their customers through multi-modal engagement 
    • Find new ways to monetize through VOICE as companies like Amazon open up new opportunities 
    • Meet like minded industry colleagues to share and discuss this exciting new market 
    • Access more than 50 hours of marketing related sessions
    • Leave as more of an industry expert than you already are
  • new_releasesStartups
    • Grow your business by positioning yourself as a thought leader in the space
    • Attend more than 150 sessions all about the markets you are trying to win
    • Meet hundreds of the world's top brands
    • Make connections with VCs and investors for new funding opportunities 
    • Introduce your company to thousands of VOICE attendees 
    • Participate in the VOICE Startup Showcase
  • business_centerExecutives
    • Gain cross-industry voice-first insight from 50+ of the world’s top brands
    • Understand where and how organizations are prioritizing multi-modal consumer interaction
    • Discover how voice + AI is transforming the enterprise
    • Exchange ideas with voice-first industry thought leaders
    • Explore new ways to monetize and manage search
    • Meet voice-first tech talent and VOICE-First Award winners
  • moneyInvestors
    • Hunt for the next unicorn at the Startup Showcase
    • Get in front of emerging trends
    • Connect with growing voice-first companies at the EXPO
    • Tap into 100+ sessions about markets on the move
    • Make friends with the voice-first community pathfinders
  • assignment_indRecruiters
    • Meet voice-first tech talent of all levels
    • Demonstrate your organization’s commitment to voice-first innovation
    • Connect with voiced-first thought leaders across industries
    • Attract your next corporate voice-first champion
  • micMedia / Analysts
    • Connect with emerging voice-first industry leaders
    • Discover voice-first initiatives from 50+ of the world’s top brands
    • Gain insight on emerging trends from across the voice-first ecosystem
    • Stock up on sound bites and breaking news
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2019 Sponsors


Amazon Alexa


Microsoft VOICES.com Samsung

Media Partners

80% of developers worldwide are embracing A.I.


More than 100 million voice first devices in the U.S.


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Voice is back at New Jersey Institute of Technology.

The New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) located in downtown Newark, a short train-ride from NYC, is both technology-rich, and provides a unique backdrop for VOICE attendees. Newark is one of the first to become a Smart City, as part of a digital transformation initiative that brings together academia, government and business to innovate and create next-gen urban technology and infrastructure. NJIT, with its state-of-the-art Wellness and Events Center, is central to this effort.



A Unique Space for Collaboration and Exchange

VOICE will be hosted at New Jersey Institute of Technology in Newark, NJ

New Jersey Institute of Technology

New Jersey Institute of Technology