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Being a Creative in Tech: Joan Palmiter Bajorek

In another written rendition of our top Inside VOICE podcasts, this time we're taking on Episode 49 with the founder of Women in Voice: Joan Palmiter Bajorek.

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Voice UX: Improving Audio Clarity for Users with Hearing Loss

Since many of you prefer your information in writing, we've decided to convert some of our favorite episodes of our Inside VOICE podcast into bite-sized blog posts so you can scroll and skim at your own pace.

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Meet the New Amazon Alexa Wearables

Alexa has left the building—and entered your earbuds, glasses, and rings. 

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Compilation: Our Favorite Post-VOICE Coverage So Far

We’re definitely enjoying the calm after this year's fantastic VOICE Summit, but with the flurry of brilliant write-ups and fond feedback from the voice-first community, we’re looking forward to the next one. 

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Community and Inclusivity: What We Really Learned at VOICE 2019

It's the week after VOICE 2019. Every speaker, attendee, and organizer has returned home and had time to look back and reflect on what can only be described as a memorable four days. 

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Day Three: Sessions, Raffles, and Closing Keynote

At the main stage, Pete waves in the panel in charge of "Addressing Bias in AI". Darlene Gilliard, founder of digitalundivided starts off the conversation in her usual cheerful tone with a definition of bias. She defers to Jennifer Heap from Vixen Labs to answer the first question: where are we now on bias in tech?

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Day Three: Opening Keynotes, Accessibility, and More Surprises

VOICE Summit started a little later today. Attendees trickle onto the main floor, taking advantage of the empty stage to snap a few selfies in front of the large letters spelling "VOICE".

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Day Two: The VOICE Summit Awards

The main stage is glowing once again. Every round table is set, the screens upfront are poised with the first slide of the night, and attendees are visibly excited as they take their assigned seats. The first drinks are being served and the summit's signature tune is playing as everyone gets settled—taking in their surroundings.

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Day Two: A Golden Ticket and The Alexa Cup

The afternoon starts with a winner. At the pop-up shop on the EXPO floor, Mystery Boxes filled with "VOICE swag" have been flying off the shelves. One box, hidden in the pile, contains nothing but a single golden ticket.

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Day Two: Opening Keynotes, Exhibitors, and Excited Attendees

Day Two at VOICE beginswith a keynote from James "JP" Poulter on his lessons learned after a year in Voice. His cheerful session is laden with insights on the Voice industry, peppered with humor to keep the audience on their toes in the early hours of the day.

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