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VOICE Talks Community Grows to 47,000  Strong During COVID-19

Announcement from VOICE Talks by Google Assistant Follows 


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Leveraging Voice Technology in Your Brand



Closed Captioning for VOICE Global

As an event organizer, our goal is to always ensure that regardless of abilities, anyone can access our events. Closed captioning is certainly an important feature, especially for a livestreamed event. We thought we did everything right here and contracted with a firm to provide closed captioning for all 160 sessions at the event.  However, we found out with less than 24 hours to go, that the service we contracted with is not going to be ready for the conference. This is certainly a learning experience for us and one we're already ensuring this does not happen again. 


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Reuters to Keynote and Make Major Product Announcement at VOICE Global

VOICE Global continues to grow as the most influencial event in the world for all things related to voice-technology. Reuters, the world’s largest multimedia news provider, is officially announcing today that they have joined VOICE Global as a keynote speaker and platinum sponsor. They have also revealed that they will be making a major news and product announcement at the event on June 17, 2020 at 10AM BST (British Summer Time). 


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VOICE Global Now June 17th

Current historic events require that we are mindful of the times and purposeful in our role. So many are in pain at the hands of injustrice. Therefore, we’ve decided to move the VOICE Global conference to Wednesday, June 17th. Tuesday, June 9th is the private funeral for George Floyd and we are going to take that day to remember George. We are also going to remember the thousands of innocent individuals before him. Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, Eric Garner and so many more needless victims.


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How to Design a Voice Product That Builds Good Habits

Almost everyone knows the unsettling sensation of their day feeling incomplete until they've relentlessly flitted from one social media platform to another. For some, they can't go to bed without immersing themselves in a game or a series first. It's just a habit. But you didn't create that habit all by yourself. 


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VOICE Talks: Here's What You Missed From Episode Two

The second episode of VOICE Talks graced thousands of screens around the world on Tuesday, May 26th, to share the magic of building voice assistants. With a focus on how women, in particular, are leading in the field, this episode featured an entire line up of fantastic developers, directors, and engineers who are not only changing the face of tech, but also helping other women to do the same.


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How Culture Affects Voice and What it Means for Conversational Designers

While teaching German to Vietnamese students, Margareth Jabczynski noticed that they would speak German almost fluently but with the slower pacing and almost musical intonation of their native language. It was like a cello trying to play the part of a drum kit, but she chalked it up to the learning curve and thought nothing more of it at the time.


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VOICE 2020 - Our Decision to Go Virtual

Modev began eleven years ago as a meetup with twelve developers gathered around a table at a pizza shop in Arlington, VA. It's hard to imagine that we couldn't even host this kind of event today.

The lockdown due to Covid-19 has been incredibly hard on all industries, especially so for those of us in the events business. We are all anxious to get back to some sense of normality. As states and local municipalities start to re-open and even some major events are scheduled to go on this summer, we don't feel it's safe enough for our community members to hold an in-person conference this year.

Because of this, VOICE 2020 will be a virtual experience and we're working hard on every last detail to ensure we deliver the value you have all come to expect from VOICE.

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