Leveraging Voice Technology in Your Brand


Digital marketing is an ever-evolving experience, and voice technology is at the forefront of many brands’ strategies.


According to a February 2020 report by Statista, there are more than 3.25 billion (with a B) digital voice assistants in use worldwide, making voice one of the most ubiquitous technologies in the world. 

From the early days of IBM’s Shoebox  in 1961, voice technology has come far, with an estimated 55% of American homes expected to own at least one smart speaker by the end of 2022


Though monetization of these devices may be limited to a one time purchase, brands can leverage this technology as a differentiating marketing tool. Many marketers haven’t discovered the best opportunities to utilize smart speakers as a marketing channel, but we predict that with strong content, voice-enabled commerce, and sponsorships are all methods we expect to see gain traction. 

How to Make Your Brand’s Voice Come to Life

So, what’s a brand to do in the voice marketing realm?

Begin the definition of your brand’s voice persona by asking a few questions.

  • What search queries are your customers using?
  • Is there content your customers are searching that guides them in their decision making?
  • What would a conversation sound like if you were to have one with your customer about your product or service?
  • What keywords and short-form audio phrases could you use to answer these questions succinctly?
  • What is your brand’s audio-logo? If your brand doesn’t have one, consider creating an immediately recognizable one that will signal to your audience when they are interacting with your brand. 

Using Your Voice to Improve User Experience 


Once you’ve defined your brand through the above questions, think through how you can create a totally unique and optimized experience for your brand. Voice marketing is relationship marketing. 


Many voice assistants can differentiate between voices in the household, and provide insights about users that can help marketers develop more personalized content to improve consumer experience with your brand. 


By paying attention to the conversations consumers are having, the questions they are asking, and their buyer journey, you are able to better engage with them through voice. 


Impressing your consumers through an engaging conversational experience will increase your brand loyalty and the LTV of each customer.


Voice is an ever-evolving technology that, if used properly by brands and marketers, can produce lasting impact on consumer relationships and experiences. 


For more information about how the VOICE ecosystem is evolving, tune in to VOICETALKS.AI on July 30th.