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VOICE Talks Community Grows to 47,000  Strong During COVID-19

Announcement from VOICE Talks by Google Assistant Follows 


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Google Assistant at VOICE Live From CES

CES is known for bringing world-leading consumer technology under one roof for four days of awe-inspiring innovations and an introduction to what awaits the biggest industries.

In 2020, VOICE Summit will be running its own corner of CES to showcase fresh strategies and upcoming trends in Voice technology. With topics ranging from healthcare to gaming and appearances from companies like Disney, Amazon Alexa, and Lexus, it's gearing up to be a day filled with oohs, aahs, and plenty of, "wait, Voice can already do that?"


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OfficeWorks: Australia's First Retail Voice Search for Google Assistant

When we read about Australia and Voice, it's usually about how most voice assistants are fantastically useless at understanding the accent. But there's so much more going on in voice-first Australia.


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Developers: Take Your Voice Apps Global with "Jargon"

Don't you just hate it when something really cool isn't available in your country? 


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Food craving? Ask Your Smart Speaker For Delivery With Orderscape


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The Most Exciting Voice Gadgets From CES 2019

Credit: Ring

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is a coveted gathering place for thousands of companies to announce their latest gadgets. From walking cars and modular television screens to voice-controlled bathrooms and personal beer brewing machines, CES 2019 revealed something for everyone. 


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Devs Can Soon Build Smart Devices Using Google Assistant Connect

Google Assistant Connect button and tablet shown at CES 2019. Credit: Engadget. 

CES 2019 has been a whirlwind for everyone in consumer technology. Google, in particular, has been pulling out all the stops to challenge Amazon's dominance over the voice tech market. 

One of Google's announcements is already making developers and manufacturers rub their hands together in anticipation. The Google Assistant Connect – a new way for third parties to integrate smart functions (like recognizing voice commands) without the encumbrance of computing them. 


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Influencers Can Now Broadcast On Voice Assistants – Without Coding

With voice assistants in over 50 million homes across the U.S., a growing number of people are switching to this popular medium to get their messages out into the world. 


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How Voice Tech Is Slowly Including People With Speech Impediments

From blasting your favorite tunes to turning down the AC, voice assistants have unlocked a whole new world of blissful convenience. You can ask them to control your home devices, tell jokes, or even serenade you with the best of AI beatboxing. For most of us, the possibilities are seemingly endless.

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