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Developers, Meet Mycroft – A Private, Open Source Virtual Assistant

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This AI Startup Raised over $57 Million To Bring Voice Tech To Enterprise Sales Teams

How Voice Tech Will Make You Rethink Your Brand Voice

“Ask Mercedes” Uses IBM Watson To Answer All Your Car Questions

Image credit: Daimler

Voice Tech Helps Physicians Focus on Patients Instead of Paperwork

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Amazon Alexa Will Help First Responders in Ambulances

AI Can Already Translate Just As Accurately as Humans

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Here’s How Alexa Can Help You Run Your Business Better

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LG Made An Airport Guide Robot and It's Going Places (Literally)

Ever been lost at an airport?

What Google, Amazon, and Microsoft Are Doing to Create The Most Conversational AI

Google caused quite the stir in the AI community at the I/O Developer Conference when they unveiled Google Duplex. Some call it “an exciting step for Artificial Intelligence”, while others consider it a “terrifying piece of technology”.

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