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Google's New Reading App Helps Kids Learn Through Voice

Credit: Google PlayStore

With the little ones at home and frazzled parents everywhere trying to keep them both entertained and educated, voice apps for kids are needed now more than ever.


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The Power of Emotion in Voice and Why It Matters in Voice Tech


Body language and facial expressions have always been thought of as the prime channels for conveying emotion. But over the years we've learned that there are countless ways to manipulate them and mask what we really feel. Everyone has pulled a smile when they didn't feel like it, or acted like they were having fun when they actually just wanted to go home. It's almost instinctive.

But what about voice?

Turns out it's much tougher to disguise your true emotions when you speak. Not only do you have to measure what words you're going to say, but also control your facial expressions, body language, and several vocal cues—like pitch, cadence, speed and volume. It's a lot to spin at the same time, which makes your voice the most accurate medium for listeners to perceive your emotional state.


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The Emerging Role of Voice AI in a Post-Pandemic World


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Here's What Happened at the VOICE Talks Premiere

The first episode of VOICE Talks premiered on Tuesday, April 28th to thousands of viewers connecting from over 100 countries. With a focus on how the community is using their voice devices lately, this first episode set a high bar for what's looking to be a promising monthly series.


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6 Best Practices for Building Better Voice Assistants

Many voice assistants are far from perfect. Some fail to carry out basic requests, others struggle to handle spontaneous conversation, and most seem detached from the friendly brands they’re meant to represent.

The truth is, it’s tough to transform a purely functional bot into a smooth and delightful voice experience that your brand can be proud of. There are just so many angles to consider to get it right—from choosing the right tone to composing the least frustrating error responses.


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This Award-Winning Voice Tech Actually Understands 'Kid Speech'


Children can be eccentric little talkers. Their made-up words and "creative" pronunciation are notoriously difficult for traditional speech recognition technology to make sense of. But while most voice-enabled devices have the misguided optimism that kids will speak to them somewhat normally (often to much disappointment), some voice-first companies have dedicated themselves to truly understanding how kids talk and carefully adapting their tech to them.


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VOICE Talks: Speakers, Swag, and A Peek Into Our Debut

VOICE Talks is the shiny new virtual event that everyone is waiting to know more about—and for good reason. It has a bit of everything: expert speakers, behind-the-curtain insights, live QA with industry heroes, edge-of-your-seat giveaways, and (best of all) free entry!


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How to Find a Job in Voice Tech

Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash

Voice technology is an exciting field that anyone can get a fresh start in. Now with everyone at home and some with substantially more time on their hands, it's a great opportunity to plump your resume so you're ready to jump into a new job as soon as society bounces back.


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4 Helpful Chatbots Guiding People Through the Pandemic

Photo by Yura Fresh on Unsplash

If there's a silver lining to any of the madness happening around the world right now, it's that people and technology are entwining in ways no-one could have predicted. We've seen Mercedes F1 engineers partner with medics to build thousands of improved ventilators, IBM link arms with the White House to provide COVID-19 researchers with supercomputing power, and the Chinese government use voice-enabled elevators in public spaces to minimize the spread of the virus.

Voice technology, in particular, has become increasingly valuable in everything from diagnosing the virus by the sound of your voice to keeping people entertained at home. Now, chatbots are stepping into the battle to keep thousands of frightened people informed around the clock.

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