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How Much Alcohol Do You 'Really' Drink? This Alexa Skill Can Tell You


"Alexa, add a drink."

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Alexa for Hospitality: Simplifying Service and Guest Experiences with Voice

Photo credit: Amazon for Hospitality

Imagine laying in your hotel room at night, ready for bed, wondering what time breakfast service starts the next morning. But instead of reaching over for the hotel phone, you simply turn your head and ask the Amazon Echo sitting on your bedside table.

How Voice Tech Is Slowly Including People With Speech Impediments

From blasting your favorite tunes to turning down the AC, voice assistants have unlocked a whole new world of blissful convenience. You can ask them to control your home devices, tell jokes, or even serenade you with the best of AI beatboxing. For most of us, the possibilities are seemingly endless.

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Amazon Alexa is Moving To Improve Restaurant Operations With Voice

Online reservations, headsets, and taking orders with iPads are just some of the ways restaurants have attempted to streamline front-of-house operations. But now, for the first time ever, Amazon has dipped into their Alexa Fund so a restaurant tech company can leverage voice in day-to-day service. 

Voice.Health Summit 2018: Panels, Hackathons, and the Future of Healthcare


On October 17th at the Connected Health Conference (CHC), the VOICE.Health Summit brought together voice-first pioneers, health professionals, entrepreneurs, and key stakeholders to dive into the voice transformation in healthcare.

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Alpine.AI delivers PetCoach Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa apps, demonstrating the future of Consumer Experiences on Digital Assistants

[New York - July 26, 2018] Today, Alpine is announcing that the PetCoach Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa apps are live, giving pet owners assistance whenever their beloved furry friend eats something suspect. Just say “Ok Google, talk to PetCoach” or “Alexa, ask PetCoach.”

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“Alexa, Update My Credit Card” – CardSavr™ API Leads Voice and Fintech Convergence

CEO Chris Hopen to Share Insights on the Fintech-Voice Convergence at the Premier VOICE Summit on July 26 at 1:30 p.m., at the New Jersey Institute of Technology

SEATTLE--(BUSINESS WIRE) --Switch, Inc., a leading financial technology company, announced today that its proprietary machine-learning, automation platform is ready to transform online commerce as it converges with voice technologies.

Gen Z moves forecast the future of voice technology

Why talking to inanimate objects is becoming the new normal

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Your Career in Voice: Prudential


VOICE is a can't-miss event for developers looking to expand their skills in developing for voice, bolster their career prospects or transition their focus as a developer. Whether you're coming to connect with the voice-first community or eager to learn through 100+ hours of developer programming, you're also likely to stumble across some great career opportunities.

Privakey and SEI Developed A Groundbreaking Authentication Solution For Voice Interfaces

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