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The Winners of the Inside VOICE Podcast Awards Are...

As 2019 comes to a close, here at VOICE we're brimming with warm and fuzzy feelings from another remarkable year. We welcomed over two thousand new VOICE community members, met countless fun and passionate people, and even clinked glasses with many of you at VOICE 2019.

The Inside VOICE Podcast in particular—led by our phenomenal host Keri Roberts—has us glowing with pride. In just one year, we've seen thousands of downloads, interviewed hundreds of incredible guests, and even made the list of top ten Voice tech podcasts.

But it's the guests we're especially proud of.


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Festive Voice Skills to Brighten up Your Holiday

Credit: Viviana Medeiros/VOICE

'Tis the season for celebration, family-time, and...turning on your festive lights with Alexa.

From Christmas to Kwanzaa, Voice is revving everyone up for the winter season with a cozy collection of festive skills and actions. We set out to find the most fun and interesting ones from Amazon Alexa and Google Home so you can switch on your festive mood with Voice.



Everything You Need to Know about VOICE Live from CES 2020

CES: the global stage for next-generation technology and world-changing innovations. It's the most exciting gathering place for pioneers, marketers, creatives, executives, and consumer tech aficionados.

The best part? VOICE will be there on January 8th for a full day of keynotes, case studies, and enticing research that could redefine the future of your business.


Inside VOICE Podcast, Conversational Design, Interview

Creating a Framework for Your Voice Experience

A week after speaking with Scott Westwater on the four steps to create a Voice experience, our bubbly host Keri Roberts reeled in Susan Westwater to talk about creating a useful and usable framework for voice experiences.


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This Company Helps Voice Tech Understand Different English Accents

If you have a strong accent, chances are that you have particularly difficult conversations with Voice devices.


Inside VOICE Podcast, Interview,

How Small Businesses & Influencers can Monetize with Voice

It's that time again where we pick a popular episode from our Inside VOICE podcast and filter the best parts into an equally interesting read. This time we combed through Kam Taitt's ep, which is all about helping businesses and people automate the tedious and reign in extra income through Voice.

Here's what you need to know.


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Make an Impact: Speak at VOICE 2020

The countdown has begun for the next VOICE reunion; that special time of year when thousands of students, professionals, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders gather in one place to learn and connect with like-minded Voice enthusiasts.


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6 Voice-Controlled Games That Prove Voice Belongs in Gaming

(Psst! If you're reading this before March 31st, use the code VOICEBLOG10 to get 10% off your ticket.)

Voice is storming the gaming industry—and the results are actually pretty fun. From bingo and board games to full-on adventure stories, voice assistants are replacing cards and tangled cords to make gaming much more accessible.


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Create Your Own Alexa Flash Briefing in Five Easy Steps

If you want to build an audience in the voice-first world, Alexa flash briefings are the way to go.

From long and insightful podcasts to short and impactful microcasts, content producers are turning to Alexa to regularly deliver useful tidbits and expert tips to an engaged audience. 

But, how do you know if you need one?  How can you set one up without technical knowledge? And what does a flash briefing strategy even look like?

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