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Day Zero: Networking in Newark

Even with torrential rain battering Newark, VOICE attendees ventured out to meet like-minded colleagues, re-connect with old friends, and get a sense of the city's night scene.

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Day Zero: Afternoon Workshops and Hackathon Winners

After the lunch rush and dozens more check-ins, attendees flocked to the pre-conference sessions while students explored the floor dedicated to STEAM Day.

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Day Zero: Kicking Off VOICE 2019

The NJIT is quiet in the early hours of the morning, but inside the staff is already buzzing. The first attendees are trickling in and being handed their badges, the EXPO booths are silently glowing, and the organizers are pacing around double-checking every last detail.

Alex Potamianos: Voice Reveals More About Your Emotions

Humans are emotionally complex. Not just in how we feel, but in how we convey those feelings. What you say and what you do communicates only a fraction of your emotions. Thousands of other cues in body language, facial expressions, and especially in the tone of your voice can paint a vivid picture of how you feel at any particular moment.

Adrien Schmidt: Humans May No Longer Need to Be Analysts

We live in an era of digital distraction. When you search for something online, the Internet comes back with 99% garbage and (maybe) one or two relevant items. Until recently, we were expected to analyze the results ourselves to find the answer. Luckily, this is less and less the case.

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Jon Arnold: Voice and AI in The Enterprise

The door is wide open for AI in the enterprise. While voice has always been part of its inner workings, AI-enabled voice technology is still finding its way. The push for voice-first applications in business, however, is already picking up the pace. We have Cortana for executives, Alexa for business tasks, and all sorts of chatbots for HR, customer service, and even business analysis.  

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Voice and Audio: Embracing the Perfect Partnership

Today's world is bustling with new information: notification bubbles, cell phone dings, and never-ending messages continually vying for our attention. While many content formats struggle to crack the code of engagement, there’s one media form that is always cutting edge, fresh, and in the ear of all demographics—audio.

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Arek Flinik: Why The Discovery Phase Can Make or Break Your Enterprise Bot

Creating a virtual agent or a chatbot is hard. Technology is evolving at such a quick pace that there's a lot of confusion around what’s possible and what’s not. And yet, chatbots are taking the market by storm.

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Kevin Teman: AI Matchmaking and The Future of Love

Credit: AIMM

As technology evolves, so do the ways we look for that special someone.

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Smart Speakers are Giving Virginia Lottery A New Voice

Image credit: COLAB

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