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Top 8 Voice Conferences You Can't Miss in 2020

Discover, network, and have a drink or two at the best voice technology conferences in 2020.

Every so often you'll hear about a special meetup, brunch, or large-scale event that nudges you out of the office to peek at what everyone else in your industry is doing. From keynotes and workshops to productive coffee breaks with potential clients, conferences are typically a worthwhile business expense.


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You Can Now Donate Your Voice to Someone Who Lost Theirs

Photo by david laws on Unsplash

In the voice-first era, businesses know that having a distinct brand voice makes them more personable and memorable. Similarly, individuals also express themselves and channel their personality using their voice.

For Sean, who lost his voice due to throat cancer, speaking is no longer a way for him to do that. In a way, losing his voice also fizzled his sense of identity. Sure, he can use speech-to-text technology to communicate and maintain his social life, but hearing yourself sound like an ATM can dampen conversations and take a sharp dig at your self esteem.


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Connecting and Educating Communities with Voice

Use the code VOICEBLOG10 to get 10% off your ticket to VOICE 2020.

Black History month is upon us, but for Kiki Monifa, a former lawyer turned flash briefing extraordinaire, black history is every day of the year.


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How Voice Assistants Are Helping the Environment—and How They Could Do More


While much more needs to happen for meaningful environmental action, with almost 8 billion of us roaming the earth, individual changes still count as either helping to advance or pacify the effects.

In the last decade, we've collectively turned to technology in the hopes that it will help us tidy up. From ocean cleanups to a literal machine that removes CO2 emissions from the atmosphere, technologists are going all in to ensure a livable planet for future generations.


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What is Sonic Branding and How Do You Find Yours?

Good news: it's time for another short and sweet summary of another popular episode from Inside VOICE podcast. 

This time, we're highlighting the insight and expertise of Jeanna Isham, a sonic branding composer and the founder of Dreamr Productions. In her knowledge-packed episode, she drew us all into her world of sound and helped us understand how it connects us with others. If you don't have the time (or the attention span) for an entire podcast episode, good news: we've done all the listening for you.


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Speak, Sponsor, or Join VOICE Global: A 24hr Online Stream All About Voice

We're incredibly proud to have a tight-knit community spread across the world, but with everyone sitting at home and in-person events off the table, we're finding new ways to safely bring us all together again.

For almost a year, we've been brewing an all-inclusive event that everyone can attend no matter what country they're in. That event is VOICE Global, and we're excited to officially invite you to jump in this June 9th for 24 hours of inspiring content, deep conversations, and unique business opportunities.


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Meet the what3words Voice API Powered by Speechmatics

At VOICE Live From CES, attendees were among the first to meet the new what3words Voice API, which bloomed from their partnership with renowned speech recognition technology company: Speechmatics.


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Talks, Tables, and More from Our Sponsors at VOICE Live From CES

We're just one cute day away from CES, and the rush is on. We're testing our mics, setting up tables, and polishing our speeches in preparation for the very first VOICE Live From CES.


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Potato at VOICE Live From CES

CES is coming up fast and we're very excited about what you'll see there. As you know, VOICE will be there to shower attendees with pioneering knowledge, voice-first opportunities, and the rare chance to mingle with world-leading experts in Voice.

With Google Assistant as our title sponsor at CES, we're proud to highlight another brilliant sponsor of ours: Potato.

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