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Drivetime: Making Boring Commutes Fun With Voice-First Games

Did you know that over 110 million commuters in the U.S. that travel to and from work alone?


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How Voice Tech Is Slowly Including People With Speech Impediments

From blasting your favorite tunes to turning down the AC, voice assistants have unlocked a whole new world of blissful convenience. You can ask them to control your home devices, tell jokes, or even serenade you with the best of AI beatboxing. For most of us, the possibilities are seemingly endless.


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Voice.Health Summit 2018: Panels, Hackathons, and the Future of Healthcare


On October 17th at the Connected Health Conference (CHC), the VOICE.Health Summit brought together voice-first pioneers, health professionals, entrepreneurs, and key stakeholders to dive into the voice transformation in healthcare.


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Gen Z moves forecast the future of voice technology

Why talking to inanimate objects is becoming the new normal


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Voice Tech Offers A Powerful Medium For Branded Storytelling

Image credit: Dmitry Ratushny


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LEGO Uses Alexa To Help Kids Learn Through Play


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Help Managing Diabetes is Just a Voice Command Away


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How Voice Tech Makes You Rethink Your Brand Voice

Image credit: VentureBeat

We've all read the threatening figures: voice search will be a $40 billion industry by 2022, over 55% of American homes will have a smart speaker, voice technology is taking over the world, etc. With all these predictions and “you’ll be left behind” kind of news, many companies are beginning to question their branding.


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Did You Feel An Earthquake? Report It To Alexa

Image credit: NT News

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