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Meet the what3words Voice API Powered by Speechmatics

At VOICE Live From CES, attendees were among the first to meet the new what3words Voice API, which bloomed from their partnership with renowned speech recognition technology company: Speechmatics.


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This Company Helps Voice Tech Understand Different English Accents

If you have a strong accent, chances are that you have particularly difficult conversations with Voice devices.


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Live Transcribe: The App Changing How the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Communicate

The brightly lit cafe in Google's building is empty when Dmitri walks in, phone in hand. He greets the young woman patiently waiting behind the counter, who kindly returns the greeting and asks what he'd like to order. Dmitri watches her lips move soundlessly, as if she were speaking on a TV set to mute, then raises his phone and watches as her words fill the black screen in large, white text. After a pause he looks up at her and, with some difficulty, asks with a smile if he can have some tea.

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