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4 Helpful Chatbots Guiding People Through the Pandemic

Photo by Yura Fresh on Unsplash

If there's a silver lining to any of the madness happening around the world right now, it's that people and technology are entwining in ways no-one could have predicted. We've seen Mercedes F1 engineers partner with medics to build thousands of improved ventilators, IBM link arms with the White House to provide COVID-19 researchers with supercomputing power, and the Chinese government use voice-enabled elevators in public spaces to minimize the spread of the virus.

Voice technology, in particular, has become increasingly valuable in everything from diagnosing the virus by the sound of your voice to keeping people entertained at home. Now, chatbots are stepping into the battle to keep thousands of frightened people informed around the clock.


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This is How People are Using Voice Assistants During Coronavirus

From helping to detect positive cases of infection to simply managing people's routines at home, voice assistants are busier than ever.

Most notably, in China they're even joining health workers on the front lines to help detect and guide those with COVID-19. Although they're also proving mighty helpful simply sitting at home, playing music and setting reminders for those not used to spending so long indoors.

Here's a quick look at what voice assistants are up to lately.


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AI Can Tell If You Have a Chronic Disease—From Your Voice

Healthcare has become somewhat of a muse for voice tech startups, inspiring countless admirable innovations including smart assistants to monitor aging patients, automated transcribers to streamline doctors reports, Alexa-powered medical devices, and even hearing aids that translate over 27 languages. 


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Alan: The AI Companion For First Responders

Here's the problem: there are 2.25 million public safety officers in the U.S. and only 100.000 dispatchers. This means police, firefighters, and medical service providers—all of whom are usually in time-sensitive situations—have to wait for a dispatcher to become available so they can get the 101 on the situation ahead. 


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Meet Pillo: A Smart Health Companion To Keep Your Meds on Track

Credit: Pillo.


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How Amazon Alexa is Transforming Voice-First Healthcare

From tired parents who need to order another pack of diapers to people wanting guidance on how to manage diabetes, Amazon is determined to make Alexa their go-to provider.  


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Worried About Aging Family Staying Home Alone? Try miiCUBE

Photo credit: miiCARE

"One evening, my grandma fell and broke her hip. She was lying on a cold floor in sheer agony from 7 pm until 7 am the next day...and we just didn't know about it."

This is what pushed Kelvin Summoogum to leave his job as a digital advisor and become the tech entrepreneur behind miiCARE – a London-based startup focused on senior healthcare. 


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How Much Alcohol Do You 'Really' Drink? This Alexa Skill Can Tell You


"Alexa, add a drink."


Voice Technology, Voice Assistant, HealthTech

Voice.Health Summit 2018: Panels, Hackathons, and the Future of Healthcare


On October 17th at the Connected Health Conference (CHC), the VOICE.Health Summit brought together voice-first pioneers, health professionals, entrepreneurs, and key stakeholders to dive into the voice transformation in healthcare.

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