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4 Helpful Chatbots Guiding People Through the Pandemic

Photo by Yura Fresh on Unsplash

If there's a silver lining to any of the madness happening around the world right now, it's that people and technology are entwining in ways no-one could have predicted. We've seen Mercedes F1 engineers partner with medics to build thousands of improved ventilators, IBM link arms with the White House to provide COVID-19 researchers with supercomputing power, and the Chinese government use voice-enabled elevators in public spaces to minimize the spread of the virus.

Voice technology, in particular, has become increasingly valuable in everything from diagnosing the virus by the sound of your voice to keeping people entertained at home. Now, chatbots are stepping into the battle to keep thousands of frightened people informed around the clock.


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Arek Flinik: Why The Discovery Phase Can Make or Break Your Enterprise Bot

Creating a virtual agent or a chatbot is hard. Technology is evolving at such a quick pace that there's a lot of confusion around what’s possible and what’s not. And yet, chatbots are taking the market by storm.


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BroadwAI bot: The Intelligent Ticketing Agent

In the mood to go to the theater? Time to check BroadwAI. Yes, we spelled that right.


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Talking With Your Car is No Longer a Future Concept

When I was growing up, talking cars were the stuff of science fiction. On the show Knight Rider, Michael Knight worked alongside his car, KITT, to solve crimes across the highways and byways of America. Long before Knight Rider, we had Dick Tracy. His two-way radio wristwatch might just be on your arm today, paired to your smartphone.


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Human-Like Bot Calls to Cancel Your Stubborn Service Contracts

Credit: Loud Voice Services

Canceling a service contract is often synonymous with frustration. Simply mentioning the task in a conversation will inevitably elicit eye-rolls followed by long rants on past experiences with different call centers.


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Aristotle: Arming Enterprises With A Personal AI Analyst

Data can be slippery. Bad if you have none, nightmarish if you have too much.


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AI Chatbot Upgrades Fan Experience at Sports Venues

Where's my seat? What is the best hot dog vendor? Which beer tastes less like water? 


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How Voice Tech Makes You Rethink Your Brand Voice

Image credit: VentureBeat

We've all read the threatening figures: voice search will be a $40 billion industry by 2022, over 55% of American homes will have a smart speaker, voice technology is taking over the world, etc. With all these predictions and “you’ll be left behind” kind of news, many companies are beginning to question their branding.

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