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This AI Startup Raised over $57 Million To Bring Voice Tech To Enterprise Sales Teams


Alexa, Voice Technology, Chatbot

How Voice Tech Makes You Rethink Your Brand Voice

Image credit: VentureBeat

We've all read the threatening figures: voice search will be a $40 billion industry by 2022, over 55% of American homes will have a smart speaker, voice technology is taking over the world, etc. With all these predictions and “you’ll be left behind” kind of news, many companies are beginning to question their branding.


Natural Language Processing, Voice Assistant, Artificial Intelligence

“Ask Mercedes” Uses IBM Watson To Answer All Your Car Questions

Image credit: Daimler

You know that feeling when you just got a brand new car? You sit inside marveling at every little detail, maybe caress the steering wheel and breathe in that "new car smell". But wait, how do you make it open the garage door? And what does this button do?


Alexa, Natural Language Processing, Google Assistant

Voice Tech Helps Physicians Focus on Patients Instead of Paperwork


Alexa, Voice Assistant, Artificial Intelligence

Amazon Alexa Helps First Responders in Ambulances

Image credit: Brewster

Here’s an interesting thought: One day, Alexa may help to save your life.


Alexa, Voice Assistant, Artificial Intelligence

Here’s How Alexa Can Help You Run Your Business Better

Image credit: Amazon

Did you know that the average worker is productive for only two hours and 53 minutes a day?


Artificial Intelligence,

LG Made An Airport Guide Robot and It's Going Places (Literally)

Image credit: LG

Ever been lost at an airport?

Many of us sure have. (If you haven’t, please tell us your secrets.) It’s no fun trying to find your departure gate or desperately searching for an information desk to ask about your connecting flight, especially in a foreign country. Luckily for those passing through South Korea’s largest and busiest airport, LG has a bot for that.


Development, Alexa, Google Assistant

What Google, Amazon, and Microsoft Are Doing to Create The Most Conversational AI


Google caused quite the stir in the AI community at their 2018 I/O Developer Conference when they unveiled Google Duplex. Some call it “an exciting step for Artificial Intelligence”, while others consider it a “terrifying piece of technology.”


Alexa, Google Assistant, Voice Assistant

Your Future Best Friend May Be A Bot

Image credit: Sony

If you’re one of those people who bump into inanimate objects and instinctively apologize to them, you’re probably the type to say “please,” “thank you,” and “sorry” to your virtual assistant too.

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