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Voice Worthy of Trust

The Open Voice Network is leading the way to ensure that Conversational AI is accessible, inclusive, ethical, and worthy of public trust. We've been proud to be a partner and supporter of OVON and their mission for many year.

Together with the Intelligent Health Association and Conversation Design Institute, the Open Voice Network is bringing essential programming to the VOICE 2022 program. Dedicated workshop, breakout, and panel session will shed light on how Conversational AI can be worth of trust in business and in the ever-evolving future of Patient Care and Patient Experience.

OVON Programs At-a-Glance

Bootcamp: Voice in Business Strategies You Can Take to the Bank
Mon, Oct 10 • 1pm-5pm • Ballroom A
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Transformative technology?  Of course.  The bigger question – and one asked by CFO’s, brand marketers, and independent voice developers and strategists – is where and how voice creates quantifiable and sustainable value.  Where and how will an investment in voice bring greater returns than an investment in something else? These and other questions are the topics of a half-day, intensive bootcamp experience, led by the Content Design Institute and Open Voice Network, along with speakers and mentors from leading global brands and technology companies. 


Panel: The Ethics of Voice Development and Use
Tue, Oct 11 • 3:00pm-3:30pm • Ballroom A

Everyone's in favor of the ethical use of voice. Few, however, think about what "ethical use" specifically means -- and how ethical use principles can be designed into voice platforms and assistants. Join this panel discussion, led by Open Voice Network, for a hard-edged view of ethical use principles for voice


Voice Technology in Health & Wellness
What's Now, New & Trustworthy: A Seminar for Providers, Clinicians, Payer, and Advocates
Wed, Oct 12 • 1:00pm-3:00pm • Washington Room
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Join clinicians, entrepreneurs, providers, academicians, and payers, to learn how this transformative speaking and listening digital technology is being applied (today and tomorrow) to improve patient outcomes and clinical efficiencies.  Learn how voice and conversational AI is being applied to the rapidly growing realm of Remote Patient Monitoring and Management. You'll walk away learning:

  1. Why, where, and how conversational AI technologies are reshaping patient care and clinical workflows
  2. Voice, data, and data privacy: biometrics, biomarkers, and third-party data collectors, and what you must do about it.
  3. The multiple levels of conversational AI value in remote and continuous care; where and how to get started.
  4. The people and the organizations you need to know, and how to get involved.

OVON Speakers

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Assistant Professor of Biomedical Informatics and Pediatric Endocrinology
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
Director, METIL
Director, Voice & Conversational Interfaces
Director of Insights
Founder & CEO
Executive Director

About Open Voice Network

The Open Voice Network (OVON) seeks to make voice technology worthy of user trust—a task of critical importance as voice emerges as a primary, multi-device portal to the digital and IOT worlds, and as independent, specialist voice assistants take their place next to general purpose platforms.

OVON is guided by four values. It seeks a world of voice technology that

  1. is worthy of user trust;
  2. enables user, ecosystem, and architectural choice;
  3. is inclusive and accessible;
  4. is open in software and hardware, with standards serving as a foundation for commercial differentiation.

About Intelligent Health Association

The Intelligent Health Association (IHA) is an all-inclusive, global consortium of healthcare professionals and technology leaders focused on exploring new and evolving technologies that lead to the “evolution of digital healthcare”.

Our objective is to convey unbiased information on how these diverse technologies can create a seamless continuum of patient care and enhance patient outcomes and simultaneously optimize clinical and business processes and workflows.

Our mission is to transform healthcare learning and leadership by delivering high-quality, globally recognized educational programs and networking events that will assist providers to adopt and implement new technologies in health and wellness ecosystems.

About Conversation Design Institute

Conversation Design Institute was founded in 2018 by Hans van Dam and Olaf Igesz. They believed that recognizing, developing, and promoting the role of the conversation designer was crucial to advancing trust and communication between humans and AI Assistants.