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Fireside Chat with Sixieme Son and Pragmatic Digital

with Pete and Sixieme Son

Sixieme Son is a world class sonic branding agency. As consultants and creators we provide skillful end to end support. From initial strategic guidance to launching and seating your sound in the marketplace.


Humanize Your Apps: Add a Customizable Voice Assistant

with James Shelbournce

James Shelbournce, of Alan AI shared about how the conversational voice AI platform has increased customer engagement and revenue in many applications by humanizing and customizing voice.


Fireside Chat with Paul Williams of GE Lighting

with Paul Williams

Something that the pandemic brought to light was the fact that Americans typically had poor lighting in areas of their home that are now used for homeschooling, eating or even as work space.


Voice Games for Smart Displays- Release, Promote, Monetize

with Gleb Oblomskiy

We have the privilege of hearing from Gleb Oblomskiy for another year at VOICE Summit. Gleb thinks that displays can really improve the voice game experience in a way that consumers will jump on.


Scaling voice at Nestlé

with Christine Hart

1/3 of the US population is now using voice assistants, so it’s no wonder that multinational food and drink processing corporation Nestlé has jumped on board. 


Customer Support in the Voice era: go beyond automation; create personalized and delightful customer experiences!

with Harry Doukas

It is important to automate your customer support because it provides 24/7 support and a quicker response time for your business. In terms of scalability, many medical center employees were not able to work from home at the beginning of the pandemic, they would have addressed customer needs more effectively by other means. It also reduces call center cost and frees up overhead that could be used for more services.


The Next Era in Customer Engagement: Conversational AI Assistants

with Stephen Rothschild and Raj Karbar

Voice Assistant are now globally socialized! The next era of voice engagement is conversational voice assistants. There have been recent technological changes to processing, speech recognition, natural voice, smart speakers and internet bandwidth that have made them more accurate and enjoyable solutions.


Opening Keynote with AudioBrain’s Audrey Arbeeny

with Audrey Arbeeny

This past year has caused many of us to rethink the way we work, the tools we use, the products we develop and opportunities for whatever the future may hold. Audrey brings her 25 years of experience with Sonic Branding, 18 of those being at Audio Brain to share with us how the voice space has changed for her in the past year. 


Best Practices for Engaging Skills + Tips to Increase Skill Retention

with Aariv Modi

Perhaps one of the most anticipated talks, we have the privilege to hear from a young Alexa expert. With just 2 years of Alexa development experience, he has already published 5 Alexa skills and spoken at global conferences including Project Voice and VOICE Global 2020. Not only does he speak on Alexa skills but he actively contributes to the voice ecosystem through his blog and YouTube channel.


Student Perspectives- Programming Voice Controlled Devices

with Zac Jarrard, Dr. Wen Zin, Jay Canty, Edgar Cerna, Ryan Cheung, Francis Muwalo, Yvette Karanja, & Edwin Chaves

The group then took on a discussion on how to uncomplicate Alexa skill and where they want to take voice technology in the future.


The Virtual Booth Experience

with Rashi Miller & Jeff McMahon

While demos are best live, Voicify has utilized this time to for Rashi Miller and Jeff McMahon to sit down and share what Voicify means to the market. Both of them share how Voicify got started, what it is and where things are trending.


What does a baby’s babbling tell us about their brain?

with Maryam Nabavi

This team has created the first ever analyzer of baby’s speech and has launched a mobile app where parents can get real time information about their child’s overall development. 


Augmented Reporting and the Future of News

with Blaise Aboh

AIER researches and educates on the social implications of AI to ensure that it works for mankind. He is also a lead partner at Orodata Science where he democratizes public data through augmented storytelling and reporting leveraging frontier technologies.


Phonexia Voice Verify

with Paul Morris

Phonexia has been turning voice into knowledge for the last 14 years in commercial activities. With just over 50 people, you can find their projects in over 60 countries. Their client lists include T-Mobile, Airbus and Bundeskriminalmt.


Opening Keynote with Jon Bloom & Wally Brill of Google

with Jon Bloom & Wally Brill

Did you know we may have been talking for over 350,000 years? In this time we’ve learned that for conversations to work we rely on each other to be as truthful, informative, relevant and clear as the situation warrants. It makes sense that we use this and other conventions of human language as we create Ai and voice technology with which we can communicate easily.


The Secret Lives of Conversational Designers

with Karen Kaushansky

Listen to Karen’s tips and tricks to overcome challenges that she has seen as a veteran in conversation design. The conversation design team at Google uses a pyramid to define human language understanding. Words assess speech sounds, combine into words are at the top. Next, there is syntax which processes phrases and sentences. The following is semantics and pragmatics which derive meaning to the human language. Lastly, context and world knowledge interpret meaning in cultural context.


Fireside Chat with AARP’s Ryan Elsa

with Ryan Elsa

Social isolation is a public health issue, even more so now with a global pandemic. AARP foundation would like to leverage new technology to help fight isolation and create scalable solutions. Luckily, there journey began long before the global pandemic, 3 years ago. 


What We Have Here is a Failure to Communicate

with Emerson Sklar & Diego Valdivia

Bespoken is a leader in automated testing, tuning and training for conversational AI. Bespoken helps enterprises deliver 5-star voice apps. The goal of this 15 minute discussion is that you’ll learn how to fix the bigger problem impacting customer satisfaction in voice.


Fireside Chat with US Bank’s Richard Weeks

with Richard Weeks

Richard Weeks is primarily responsible for the voice assistants used by U.S. Bank. His team maintains responsibility for do it yourself capabilities and do it together implementations. For example, creating share screen options for bank specialists to interact directly with customers as well as a chat feature that allows them to do the same. 


Fireside Chat with Ashwin Karuhatty

with Ashwin Karuhatty

Pete and Ashwin look back at the creation of Voice Talks and the great success that it has had. Modev sat down with Google to think about what works virtually and what challenges might arise. At first, the goals were to retain short attention spans, create stackable content, highlight relevant partners who are building for voice and create opportunities for collaboration in an isolated world.


The Founding and Future of Women in Voice

with Joan Palmiter Bajorek

Women in Voice is an empowerment organization on a mission to amplify, empower, connect and celebrate women and diversity in all aspects of the voice tech field globally via community, networking, education & events.


Leveraging the Use of Voice Technology in Professional Networking Startups

with Shivay Lamba

Voice VUIs matter because instead of typing, clicking or tapping- we can physically seperate ourselves from our devices and speak commands naturally. Voice UIs can run code in the cloud and communicate with IoT devices, making them ideal for homes, cars and more.


Training Conversational Agents on Noisy Data

with Phoebe Liu

Watch the systems in action as they recognize speech and make actions. Some of the key takeaways are that data collection and annotation is best when using in-situ approach and high quality data. It’s also important to use ML-assisted validators to reject noisy utterances from the onset.


Do Better: Building Gender-Inclusive Conversational AIs

with Andreea Danielescu & Rebecca Evanhoe

There is a high potential for biases in this field. This technology is made by people who carry biases as it is created to mimic human behavior and is based on human data collected by others.


Creating a Career (and a Community) That You Love

with David Code

The truth is that our regular way of job searching may not be the most efficient. Job sites aren’t the most accurate as some companies may not keep them up to date and instead post as an HR technicality. 


Getting from Informational Chatbot to Conversational Voice with Machine Teaching

with Michael Myers

Conversational complexity varies enormously. It’s important to understand the context of the channels to make it more personal. We see that going from a standard informational chat to conversational voice is complex but brings about better customer experience, increased ROI, increased complexity amidst a higher cost.


Opening Keynote with Amazon's Jeff Blankenburg

with Jeff Blankenburg


Opening Keynote with Womens in AI's Noelle Silver

with Noelle Silver


The Tipping Point for Kid Specific Voice Technology

with Dr. Patricia Scanlon

SoapBox Labs is voice tech for kids! It wasn’t until Dr. Patricia watched her own 3-year old daughter playing educational apps that the only way there was only multiple choice to gauge if the young child was learning the concepts that were trying to be developed.


The Paralanguage Parallel: Building Integrated & Contextualized Voice Experiences

with Tobias Dengel


Why Speech Markdown is Better than SSML - 16 Month Update

with Mark Tucker


Building an accurate Voicebot

with Raj Kabar & Nagrenda Goel

We have seen a shift between chatbots to voicebots over the past few years. Chatbots have led the AI revolution and had developers wondering why converting a chatbot to voicbot can feel so difficult. While many of the systems can have english as a basic language feature, people’s accents, lingo and channels can change from person to person.


Security and privacy in VOICE from development to deployment

with Matt Vaillaincourt


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