Voice for Marketers Webinar on 25 February 2021

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Webinar 3, February 25, 2021

Voice for Marketers

Want to market creatively and effectively on Voice platforms? Need campaign inspiration, strategic advice, and knowhow from early adopters and industry leaders? Then Voice For Marketers is for you! Attend the hour long webinar to hear from industry leaders, expert marketers and early adopters


Nithya Thadani

Nithya Thadani


Abhilash Murthy

Abhilash Murthy

CEO & Co-Founder, botdistrikt

Chan Yin Yin

Chan Yin Yin

COO & Co-Founder, botdistrikt

Sapna ChadhaM

Sapna Chadha

Senior Director of Marketing Southeast Asia and India, Google

Madhusudhan Rao

Madhusudhan Rao

VP of Engineering - Consumer Tech and FinTech, Swiggy

Moneka Khurana

Moneka Khurana

Country Head, MMA India

hLakshya Sivaramakrishnan

Lakshya Sivaramakrishnan

Program Lead, Women Techmakers India

Harshit Sharma

Harshit Sharma

Director, FusionHawk.io

0 (2)-1

Sunil Kumaran

Country Head - Product, Marketing & THWINK, BIG FM

Sreeraman Thiagarajan

Sreeraman Thiagarajan

Co-Founder & CEO, Agrahyah Technologies

Webinar 1, September 24.

The Transformative Power of Voice Technology

Theme-Led Discussions, Product Deep Dives, Market Insights and Brand Building Advice

The inaugural episode of VOICE Talks promises to be an exciting one. Our speakers will bring to life Indian use cases that showcase different applications of voice technology. Hear from data experts at IDC, attend a keynote address delivered by product heads talking about Google Assistant’s plans for the Indian market, and be a part of a panel discussion with industry leaders talking about how brands are leveraging the power of voice. Whether you are new to the field or a veteran of voice, VOICE Talks India is one place for everything Voice. 

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Asset 1322

Arpanarghya Saha

Chief Digital Officer at Nippon India Mutual Fund

Asset 1522

Geetha Iyer

GM - Digital Products & New Media, Marketing at DIAGEO India

Asset 1122

Jaipal Singh

Associate Research Manager, Client Devices at IDC India

Asset 1022

M.V.S. Murthy

Head Marketing, Digital & Corporate Communication at Tata Asset Management Limited

Asset 1722

Nimesh Ranjan

Assistant NBU Product Lead at Google

Asset 1422

Purvi Shah

Technical Program Manager, Google Assistant at Google

Asset 1222

Sreeraman Thiagarajan

Co-Founder & CEO at Agrahyah Technologies

Vishal Golia

CEO at Boltd

Webinar 2, December 3

Voice Tech for Bharat

Insights about using Voice Technology to service the next billion users (NBU).

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Screen Shot 2020-11-23 at 10.11.57 AM

Durga Raghunath

News Head, Times Internet

Screen Shot 2020-11-30 at 11.28.46 AM

Priyam Saikia

Indie Assistant Developer

Screen Shot 2020-11-23 at 10.35.52 PM

Nitin Kashyap

Product Manager - Learning and Education, Google

Screen Shot 2020-11-05 at 12.56.46 PM

Kumar Rangarajan

Co-Founder and CEO, Slang Labs

0 (1)-1

Vivek Pani

Co-Founder, Reverie Language Technolgoies


Nidhi Gupta

Senior Product Manager, NBU at Google Assistant

Screen Shot 2020-11-23 at 10.11.48 AM-1

Rudra Prasad Kasturi

Vice President, Times Group

0 (3)

Sreeraman Thiagarajan

Co-Founder & CEO at Agrahyah Technologies

0 (2)-1

Utkarsh Shukla

Founder & CEO at ArrowAI



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Meet your host, a leading Indian voice tech pioneer

Sreeraman Thiagarajan is a passionate evangelist working to create an ecosystem to promote the use of voice technology in India. He is the CEO of Agrahyah Technologies, India's first voice agency making breakthroughs in the field of conversational AI.

You can learn more about Agrahyah Technologies here.

Sreeraman Thiagarajan



Episode 1 - August 26, 2020

How Voice is Shaping Education & Entertainment

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Episode 2 - August 27, 2020

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Episode 3 - August 28, 2020

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