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Symbl is an API platform for developers and businesses to rapidly deploy conversational intelligence at scale, on any communication channel.

Symbl’s APIs unlock machine learning algorithms that can ingest any form of conversational data to identify actionable insights across domains and channels (voice, email, chat, social); without the need for upfront training data, wake words, or custom classifiers.

We empower developers and businesses to deploy conversational intelligence at scale without the need for upfront training, wake words or building custom classifiers. Our comprehensive suite of APIs unlocks proprietary machine learning algorithms that can ingest any form of conversation data to identify speakers, actionable insights across domains, and channels (voice, email, chat, social) in real-time as well as recorded conversations.

Symbl can be used to create several conversations experiences for meetings, sales, customer service, media, and education. You can ingest conversations to Symbl using real-time telephony and WebSocket APIs or asynchronous text, audio and video APIs. You can then extract summary topics, entities and insights such as action items, follow-ups, questions, etc using the Conversation API or generate a pre-built Summary UI using the Experience API.

Getting started on Symbl is easy. Sign up and check out our APIs using your free credits. We’ll be offering additional free credits for the Voice Summit attendees and any developers who choose to build with Symbl.

Deploy Conversational Intelligence at scale on any voice or text communication workflow without custom classifiers, wake words, or upfront training so you can build the future of intelligent cloud communications.

For more info, visit symbl.ai. If you have any questions, email us or chat with us on slack.


About Our Speaker

Surbi Rathore, CEO and Co-founder

Surbhi is CEO and co-founder of Symbl.ai. Symbl is bringing to life her vision for a programmable platform that empowers developers and businesses to build unique conversational experiences without the hassle of upfront training or building their in-house data science expertise. She co-founded Symbl (previously Rammer.ai) almost 2 years ago and was a part of the Alexa Next Stage program by Techstars 2020. She comes with experience from technical and customer-obsessed roles in both startups and enterprises such as Nevis Networks and Amdocs. Before co-founding Symbl, she worked in the Conversational AI space with a focus on delivering value to Telecommunication users. She is an advocate for Women in AI with a personal mission to inspire more women to work in Data Science. In her free time, she loves to travel and spend time with her remote and distributed family across continents.

October 14th at 11:35 AM EDT | Deploy Conversational Intelligence at Scale

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