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Just AI is a global IT company specializing in Conversational AI tech, Machine Learning, and NLU since 2011. We create high-quality products for developers of any skill level and high-grade AI solutions for businesses of any size and any form.

The core of our business – professional tools to design and create conversational experiences: bots, virtual assistants, voice skills, AI-powered voice calls, etc. Our tools are used by developers who create mission-critical solutions, voice games, and skills that hit the top.

We build products for any layer of development, which can be used by third-party devs independently or we handle the whole process – starting with the idea and ending with the skill publication or solution deployment and support.

Today Just AI is the market leader in conversational AI solutions in Russia, and the company as well grows one’s business in other countries. Just AI has offices in London (UK), St. Petersburg, Moscow (Russia), Limassol (Cypris), Shenzhen, and Shanghai (China). Currently, the company employs over 150 people – experts in the field of computational linguistics, machine learning, voice UX design, and software development.

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Gleb Oblomskiy, Chief Product Owner

October 13th at 12:55 PM EDT | Voice Games for Smart Displays - Release, Promote, Monetize

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