ID R&D combines its extensive R&D expertise in biometrics with advances in AI to deliver award-winning authentication and personalization for voice user interfaces and voice-activated devices. ID R&D’s voice biometrics determines and verifies identity from natural conversational speech, wake-up words, voice commands, and specific passphrases.

Our voice biometric software utilizes x-vector algorithms to achieve the industry’s highest accuracy, fastest speed, and smallest footprint. The robustness of the product is demonstrated by its strong results in the 2019 NIST Speaker Recognition Evaluation use cases and target platforms include smart speakers, voicebots, mobile devices, automotive cabins, microphone-enabled security cameras, and IOT devices.

To prevent voice fraud, ID R&D delivers voice anti-spoofing technology that distinguishes between a live voice and a spoofing attack from recordings, synthesized voice, software-converted voice and Deepfakes with audio ID R&D is the clear leader in the world’s largest voice anti-spoofing benchmark evaluation - ASVSpoof2019.

Our SafeChat™ solution delivers five layers of continuous, frictionless authentication and anti-spoofing for chatbots, and virtual assistants. Users communicate conversationally via voice or typing while SafeChat conducts voice, face and behavioral biometric checks in the background in a truly effortless way.

IDAudio offers AI sound recognition, turning any microphone – like those in smart speakers and cameras – into a sound recognition and alerting device. It can also enhance security by listening for sounds outside the field of view of the camera.

ID R&D capabilities are being deployed by technology providers and Enterprises worldwide to realize the vision for secure and frictionless communication.

Deployments are on iOS, Android, Linux servers, Windows, or embedded systems. Learn more at


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Alexey Khitrov, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

Alexey Khitrov has extensive first-hand C-level leadership experience with biometric companies, including one of the largest biometric firms in Europe. In the role, he successfully established a US subsidiary, pioneered new products and deployed award-winning solutions with prominent government and Fortune 500 financial institutions.

October 6th at 12:10 PM EDT  | Building Secure, Personalized Voice Interfaces with Enterprise-Grade Biometrics (Beyond Alexa and Google)

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