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GoVivace Inc. offers customized enterprise solutions for high accuracy speech-to-text and conversational artificial intelligent voice assistants to dramatically improve customer satisfaction, simplify usability, and increase revenues.


Our broad solution portfolio includes speech transcription, speaker identification, and verification, biometrics, gender ID, language ID, age and emotion ID, IVR and call analytics.

Conversational AI Voice Assistant - VIVI

Our Conversational AI Voice Assistant Platform uniquely integrates all our technologies to deliver highly flexible, customizable, secure, and scaleable assistant applications across telephony, web, mobile and speaker devices. Multiple agents work interactively to provide a single branded assistant over the phone, web, and mobile applications that integrate with backend applications.

VIVI’s Conversation Analytics:

Our Conversational analytics is designed to evaluate customer experience and customer satisfaction by using speech analytics and natural language understanding to determine your customer’s sentiment, and level of CSAT.

Call Analytics:

Our call analytics solution CallAI is designed to analyze telephone and computer based conference call data to quantify performance, compliance and risk, and to finally estimate the customer satisfaction (CSAT).   


While our technology and platform can be deployed for any application, our solutions are most commonly used in the following applications: sales and customer service call centers, restaurant and retail ordering, health and wellness, and business process improvement.

Deployment Environments

All our solutions are available on-premise and via a cloud API and integrate with existing backend applications and resources to cost effectively provide our leading edge technologies.

Client Services

Our development team provides a range of services that include technology integration, speech and dialog tuning, custom application design and development, and hosted service management.

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About Our Speakers

Nagendra Goel, Founder and CEO

Nagendra is the CEO of GoVivace Inc. that develops enterprise speech technology and solutions for voicebots, call analytics, transcription, dictation and IVR. It's also a leading provider of technologies such as language, speaker, and gender and emotion identification. He is also co-founder of EnableDoc LLC. Earlier he worked for organizations such as Apptek inc., Entropic Inc. and IBM T. J. Watson Research Center.

October 7th at 12:35 PM EDT | What to look for when building voice-enabled smart bots?

Stephen Rothschild, VP Marketing

Stephen Rothschild MBA is VP Marketing at GoVivace and CEO Enabledoc LLC. Steve was CEO of Provox Technologies, VP Marketing and Product Development at Wildfire Inc (an Orange SA company) and held VP of Marketing positions at Lernout and Hauspie and Dictaphone.

October 13th at 11:35 AM EDT | The Next Era in Customer Engagement: Conversational AI Assistants

Raj Karbar, Director of Business Development

Raj Karbar can be referred to as the consummate professional with vast cumulative experience in the Media, Entertainment, and Technology sectors. In his current position as a Director of Development at GoVivace Inc, Raj exhibits extensive experience garnered from working with all corporate levels, producing critical and high-level development coordination and workable solutions required for efficient management of various voice technology and conversational AI projects. He is attracted towards the provision of a unique business environment, ensuring that each development meets or exceeds the goals of the project.

October 7th at 12:35 PM EDT | What to look for when building voice-enabled smart bots?

October 13th at 11:35 AM EDT | The Next Era in Customer Engagement: Conversational AI Assistants

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What to look for when building voice-enabled smart bots?

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