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New! Can Alexa Help Deliver Speech Therapy?

John Campbell

New! Voiceless Speech Recognition

Fabian Campbell-West

New! How to design for the AI-driven customer meeting

Mattias Falkendal

New! How-to guide to sonic branding from

David Ciccarelli, CEO

How to audit your voice footprint and use SEO to improve your voice search presence

Katherine Watier Ong

Using Amazon Alexa Flash Briefings to Build an Audience of Superfans

Daniel Hill

Hey Google & Alexa, Ask Merrell to find a trail near me: A look into how Merrell established and is evolving their voice experience with Voicify

Jane Smith, Rachel Waldstein and Nick Laidlaw

Actionable Audio Ads - Using Voice Assistants To Complete Campaign Goals

Charles Cadbury

Assisting Annotation: How to Automate Virtual Agent Training and Accuracy at Scale

Santosh Kulkarni

New! Planning for Launch: Why Your Voice Strategy Needs To Include Marketing

Susan Westwater

Sensory’s VoiceHub: Fast, Free, Flexible Wake Word & VUI Model Builder

Jeff Rogers

Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing and the Quest for Understanding

Shamoon Siddiqui

Voice changes the game in Senior Living! Speak2 and Regency Pacific.

Matt Smith

Voice Care in Action

Ben Sloyan

New! WPP India Tutorial

Niraj Ruparel

New! Elderly & Voice: a natural opportunity

Maarten Lens-FitzGerald

Benefits of Adding Voice in Apps

Vinayak Jhunjhunwala

Voice in Healthcare Investing

Joanne Lin and Jennifer Solomon

Navigating the Uncharted Seas of Conversation

Grace Hughes

Striving For Likability

Wolf Paulus

Flash Briefing Formula Workshop (101)

Teri Fisher

Flash Briefing Marketing Workshop (201)

Teri Fisher

Beyond alarms, music streaming and weather: A strategic framework to next generation consumer-centric voice applications

Isabel Suttner

Beyond Smart Speakers - Building Voice Experiences for New Devices and Modalities

Roger Kibbe

How to incorporate voice in growing your small business

Dr. Chithra Durgam

Legal Issues When Deploying Voice Technology

Dror Futter

Voice is not a Channel, it is Part of Your Brand

Damien Bianchi & Tiare

Designing Chatbots as Language Learning Tools: Benefits and Challenges

Amany Alkhayat

How Will Voice Search Evolve with Natural Language Processing

Joseph Arduini

Accessibility in the era of the voice and audio revolution - not what you had in mind

Ron Jaworski

Fighting COVID-19 with Voice Applications

Alex Kaplunovich

4 Strategies To Grow & Keep Your Audience

Amy Summers

Voice In - Visual Out : Voice interfaces for Enterprise, Mobile Applications & Websites

Leslie Pound

Designing and Managing Intents for Voice Applications

Deborah Dahl