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15 Jun, 17:45 PM Pete Erickson VOICE Global Introduction
15 Jun, 18:00 PM Rebecca Nathenson Keynote Talk with Google's Rebecca Nathenson
15 Jun, 18:30 PM Pete Balsavias, Michael Zagorsek How Mastercard Opened the Door to Voice-First Experiences for Restaurants and Retailers
15 Jun, 19:00 PM Bret Kinsella, Pete Erickson The Future of $BOT Coin
15 Jun, 19:30 PM Aakrit Vaish, Pete Erickson Conversational AI Success Story with Global Brands
15 Jun, 20:00 PM Lowell Robinson , Pete Erickson The Invisible but Revolutionary Work of Ai and Machine Learning in Media
15 Jun, 20:30 PM Dr. Martyn Farrows, Pete Erickson Kids in the Voice First Generation
15 Jun, 21:00 PM Marcia Tal, Betty DeVita Are You Really Listening? The Future of Voice Data
15 Jun, 21:30 PM Ahmed Bouzid , Pete Erickson Interview with Witlingo's Ahmed Bouzid
15 Jun, 22:00 PM Shwen Gwee, Pete Erickson Leveraging Voice in Healthcare After COVID
15 Jun, 22:30 PM Gordon Chu, Pete Erickson Higher Efficiency in Airline Customer Service Through Chatbots
15 Jun, 23:00 PM Aimi Nakajima, Pete Erickson Designing Voice For Humans
16 Jun, 04:00 AM Denis Valášek Voice in our Culture
16 Jun, 04:30 AM Amir Hirsh, Nikolaj Hviid, Bret Kinsella How Audioburst and Bragi are Disrupting the Earphone Market through Content and AI
16 Jun, 05:00 AM Audrey Arbeeny, Pete Erickson Interview with Audrey Arbeeny
16 Jun, 05:30 AM Joseph Turow, Pete Erickson Meet the Author - Joseph Turow
16 Jun, 06:00 AM Rebecca Evanhoe, Diana Deibel, Pete Erickson Meet the Authors of "Conversations with things"
16 Jun, 06:30 AM Shilp Agarwal, Matthew Mangione The importance of voice apps in building brand loyalty -a retailer's perspective
16 Jun, 07:00 AM Paulo Narciso, Pete Erickson How is AARP Used Voice to Serve the Elderly During Social Isolation
16 Jun, 07:30 AM Jessica Dene Earley-Cha Multiple Ways to Build for Google Assistant
16 Jun, 08:00 AM Steve Pearce, James Poulter What Did Brands Like McDonald’s Do to Keep Users Engaged During COVID?
16 Jun, 08:30 AM Ognjen Todic , Pete Erickson On-Device Speech Recognition for Mobile Devices and Custom Hardware
16 Jun, 09:00 AM Harry Yeff - Reeps One, Pete Erickson Interview with Reeps One
16 Jun, 09:30 AM Noelle Silver, Pete Erickson Interview with WomenIn.AI's Noelle Silver
16 Jun, 11:00 AM Rebecca Nathenson Keynote Talk with Google's Rebecca Nathenson
16 Jun, 11:30 AM Patrick Flanagan, Pete Erickson How Voice is Transforming FinTech
16 Jun, 12:00 PM Roger Kibbe, Mark Tucker, Allen Firstenberg What’s Needed in Tech to bring Voice to the Future
16 Jun, 12:30 PM Fathy Yassa Discover Speech Synthesis and it’s Evolution
16 Jun, 13:00 PM Aaron Mullaniff, Katy Beehler Built Accessible: Speaking with An Inclusive Mindset
16 Jun, 13:30 PM Tanmay Patel, Jason Fields, Chris McPherson How the Philadelphia Eagles Approach and Execute in Voice
16 Jun, 14:00 PM Richard Stern, Pete Erickson TuneIn Takes Voice-First Approach in Building Audience Engagement
16 Jun, 14:30 PM Braden Ream, Emily Lonetto CEO of VoiceFlow on the Importance of the Voice Community
16 Jun, 15:00 PM Paul Williams, Pete Erickson A Smart Home Revolution
16 Jun, 15:30 PM Raj Tumuluri Meet the Founder of Openstream.ai Which started Multimodal
16 Jun, 16:00 PM Dave Statman, Lee Ross From What Ifs to What’s Next!
16 Jun, 16:30 PM Patricia Scanlon Accuracy and Bias in Voice Tech for Kids
16 Jun, 17:00 PM Betsy Fitzgibbons, Shari Aaron Brand Entry into Voice Commerce & Technology
16 Jun, 17:30 PM Mike Bifulco Driving a Successful Launch for Conversational Actions
16 Jun, 18:00 PM Jeanine Heck , Pete Erickson Voice is Helping Users Access Content Faster with Comcast