Machine Teaching for Conversational AI
Conversational AI offers many benefits to enterprises but the underlying machine learning AI technology is not magic -- it has to be taught about each business just like new employees need to be taught. The problem is that making conversational experiences work well for customers gets really complex, really fast. XAPP AI’s machine teaching technology enables businesses to thrive within this complexity to create the smart chatbots & virtual assistants that feel natural, deliver the right results, and delight customers.

Optimal Conversation™ Studio
OC Studio provides machine teaching cloud services that leverage the world-class natural language

understanding (NLU) AI from AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure to create and
continually optimize high value, omni-channel virtual assistants. OC Studio provides an
automated workflow for capturing the corporate knowledge inherent in data models,
databases, transcripts and dialog designs to teach the AI models that enable virtual assistants to
understand users and respond intelligently. It also automates model testing and deployment
and facilitates management and continuous optimization of the conversational AI model across
all channels including telephony, smart speakers, web chat, Facebook Messenger, and so on.

Conversational Self Service for Contact Centers
Conversational Self Service for Contact Centers is a turnkey solution with minimal setup and rapid
ROI that reduces agent call volumes and provides responsive, 24x7 self-service for customers
and employees through chatbots, virtual assistants and conversational voice search. And,
because it is powered by OC Studio it provides unlimited extensibility to support advanced
transactional use cases across a wide range of channels.

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About Our Speaker

Michael Myers, Head of Product & Engineering 

Michael has spent his entire career working with emerging technologies and AI.
He has spent the last seven years working in the field of voice and conversational AI,
working on bespoke conversational voice solutions for organizations within the Fortune 500.

October 15th at 1:20 PM EDT | Getting from Informational Chatbot to Conversational Voice with Machine Teaching

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