Call for

VOICE 2021 Call For Speakers

For this year's VOICE Call for Speakers, we're taking a slightly different approach.

Instead of requesting the normal breakout session proposals and abstracts, we're inviting the community and public to submit a short video with your take on the future of Conversational Al, Voice technologies, as well as Ambient Computing, the Metaverse, and more -

DEADLINE EXTENDED: Video submissions due by Friday, November 5.
Approved videos will be featured as part of our VOICE 2021 virtual programming available to all attendees pre/during/post-event. We'll be reviewing videos and will follow up with you no later than November 15 to let you know if your video was selected

The Nitty Gritty Details:
  • Below you'll see a list of leading questions. Using the form below, submit a 5-10 minute video answering the question from list that resonates for you the most.
  • Don't see a question that is a good match for your areas of curiosity and expertise? Feel free to submit your own question and answer. See more than one question that lights you up? You're welcome to submit more than one video (and we'll choose our favorite)
  • NO PITCHES. You're welcome to use your company or clients as reference points or case studies in your video response, but all product or sales pitches will be rejected You don't need a massive production studio for these, but please do follow these basic guidelines:
    1. Use a good quality HD webcam or smartphone camera
    2. Choose a setting that is free of too much clutter or distracting backdrops
    3. Choose a setting with good ambient or natural light, and we recommend using a ring light or similar for good basic lighting
    4. We recommend using an external mic or a good pair of headphones/earbuds for the best quality audio
The Questions:

Submit your 5-10 minute video with your answer/POV to one of these questions:

  1. What does the next 1/3/10 year(s) look like for voice technology?
  2. How has voice technology contributed to increasing your/your client's business/organization KPI's?
  3. What is one way we can counter unconscious bias in the development of voice technology?
  4. Tell us one specific way that you have increased customer engagement and/or satisfaction through voice technology?
  5. Tell us about one way in which your operations process has been affected by the implementation of voice technology? What does it mean for cycle times, throughput times, error rates etc?
  6. Tell us about a new or little-known lot device that can be controlled by voice? What is the outcome as a result?
  7. What role does authentication play in your current strategy? And how do you see voice authentication evolving in the next 3-5 years?
  8. When do you see voice commerce hitting wide adoption?
  9. When do you believe interactive advertising will catch on with consumers?
  10. How is search evolving around voice?
  11. Would you advise major brands to develop their own custom voice assistant device?
  12. How have you or your clients used voice technology in your industry, and what has been the effect?
  13. What trends are you seeing about the future critical role voice technology will play in the Metaverse?
  14. What important trends are on your radar at the intersection of conversational Al and Ambient computing?
  15. How will voice technology streamline and accelerate CX Automation in the next 1/3/5 years?
  16. What trends are you noticing at the intersection of voice and robotics?
  17. Wild Card: Submit your own question & answer about the future of voice, ambient computing, or the metaverse