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Talks, Tables, and More from Our Sponsors at VOICE Live From CES


We're just one cute day away from CES, and the rush is on. We're testing our mics, setting up tables, and polishing our speeches in preparation for the very first VOICE Live From CES.

Before we start, we thought you'd like to be introduced to the rest of our wonderful sponsors making the impossible happen. So, aside from our already-covered sponsors: Google Assistant, WillowTree, and Potato, here's a little background on the ones you may not know about yet, what they're bringing to the table, and why you should definitely sidle up and chat with them at CES.


Who are they?

what3words is a London-based company that assigns three unique words to every 3m square in the world to help narrow down locations. For example, the 3m space outside your home wouldn't be your home address, but something like "cat.soap.bar". It's as accurate as coordinates, and helps people or things like emergency services find you faster. All you need is their app—with or without an internet connection.

What they're doing at VOICE Live From CES

At our little get-together at CES, what3words has graciously sponsored the closing keynote featuring their CEO, Chris Sheldrick. He'll be giving an insightful talk on "The CMO's Sonic Brand Imperative for 2020," along with a special announcement that you can read all about in our next blog post. Keep an eye out!


Who are they?

XMOS is a British voice interface solutions company that "provides state of the art sound processing" for device and hardware manufacturers looking to improve or implement a voice interface. From smart microphones to advanced micro-controllers, XMOS does it all.

What they're doing at VOICE Live From CES

Aside from showcasing their latest commercial innovations, XMOS is sponsoring a cozy fireside chat with their CEO, Mark Lippett, on the subject of "Voice Enabling Consumer Products." It's the place to be if you're looking for high tech help with your own Voice projects.


Who are they?

Speechmorphing is a "personalized speech technology" company living in the heart of Silicon Valley. Their specialty is delivering natural and emotionally-intelligent voices for smarter and more accessible Voice interfaces in real-world applications.

What they're doing at VOICE Live From CES

At CES they'll be sponsoring a table laden with voice-first information, demos, and the chance to walk up and ask them all your burning questions. Yes, they'll have freebies for you too.


Who are they?

RADIO.COM is an online radio station for Americans to find and stream their favorite radio stations or podcasts. It also works seamlessly with Voice devices like Alexa and Google Assistant, and in-car systems like Android Auto and Apple Carplay. 

What they're doing at VOICE Live From CES

RADIO.COM is set to bring their very own Executive VP, Ken Lagana, to the panel "Voice Enabling Consumer Products: The Audio Explosion and Opportunities for Customer Engagement." He'll be a beacon of wisdom for brands looking to break into Voice this year.


Who are they?

IDR&D is a NYC biometrics company on a mission to "deliver a new generation of 'zero-effort' authentication." By combining speech technology with in-house biometrics, IDR&D wants to elbow clunky passwords out the door and bring in safe, convenient ways to access sensitive information.

What they're doing at VOICE Live From CES

They're another appreciated table sponsor you can circle at CES for more information on how they're steaming ahead in a voice-first future.


Who are they?

Bespoken is a world-leader in building automated testing and monitoring tools for Voice apps. They're based in both USA and Peru, and partner with top brands to make building and testing Voice applications noticeably faster and easier.

What they're doing at VOICE Live From CES

They'll be joining a few other heavyweights with their own table at CES. You'll surely love their llama-themed freebies, and the opportunity to prod the best in the business about how to make your Voice app worth a five-star rating.

Join us or Livestream VOICE Live From CES

If you're not too far from Vegas and want to boost your voice-first business plan, you still have time to grab a CES pass and join us! It's a full day of talks, keynotes, panels, and face-to-face networking that you just can't get anywhere else. (Not to mention the receptions and after-parties!)

If you can't make it to Vegas, not to worry, you can livestream the whole thing here!





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