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Wednesday, July 24, 2019 | 5-8 PM EST

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With the inaugural class of Finalists for the 2019 VOICE Summit Awards out, industry begins to set standards, recognize innovation, and inspire progress.

Winners for each of the 12 categories of the VOICE Summit Awards will ben announced on Wednesday, July 24 from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. on the Main Stage of the WEC Arena.

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Special thanks to our esteemed panel of industry leaders and visionaries who served as judges for this year’s competition:

  • Audrey Arbeeny, Audiobrain
  • Jon Arnold, J Arnold & Associates
  • Andreea Danielescu, Antilipsi
  • Bret Kinsella, voicebot.ai
  • Carissa Merril, U.S. Bank
  • Taseen Peterson, Gamefuly, Inc.
  • Emerson Sklar, Applause
  • Ann Thyme-Gobbel, Sound United
  • Maikel van der Wouden, Voicebranding.nl
  • Anne Weiler, CEO, Wellpepper, Inc.


Awards Finalists

Best Banking / Financial Experience

  • BOND.AI Empathy Engine™ by BOND.AI
  • EnHelix by EnHelix Apsley      
  • SafeChat by ID R&D  


Best Brand Interaction 

  • Alexa "Choose Your Own Adventure" Skill by Audible
  • Jurassic World Revealed by Earplay & Universal Games and Digital Platforms
  • Mr. Robot: Daily Five/Nine by USA Network & Earplay 


Best Conversational Design

  • Houndify by SoundHound Inc.                     
  • Bamboo Books by Bamboo Learning
  • The Canceller by Loud Voice Services                  

Best Educational Experience

  • AI Buddy, Inc. by MyBuddy.ai              
  • BBC Kids by BBC Voice + AI                   
  • Kung Fu Panda: The Paws of Destiny by RAIN, Inc.

Best Game

  • Jurassic World Revealed by Earplay & Universal Games and Digital Platforms
  • Mr. Robot: Daily Five/Nine by USA Network & Earplay 
  • StreamBeing by Gamefly, Inc.              


Best Healthcare Experience

  • Speak2 Software by New Jersey Economic Development Authority               
  • Suki by Suki
  • Vocera Smartbadge by Vocera Communications         


Best In-Car Experience 

  • Houndify by SoundHound Inc.  
  • Song Quiz by Volley   
  • TaikenPilot by iNAGO Inc.                     


Best IoT Voice Device              

  • Kanega LTE watch by UnaliWear         
  • Screenless Learning Robot by SayKid
  • TicMotion by Mobvoi, Inc.                   
  • WooHoo Enterprise AI Assistant by SmartBeings Inc.

Best Media Experience

  • Radio Lab by AlphaVoice        
  • resemble.ai by Resemble AI                 
  • Send Me a Sample by Send Me a Sample LTD


Best Multi-Modal Experience

  • Bamboo Math by Bamboo Learning  
  • Pointless by Vocala                  
  • Song Quiz by Volley   


Best Shopping / eCommerce Experience

  • Send Me a Sample by Send Me a Sample LTD
  • Snips by Snips.ai
  • Jetson by Jetson


Best Travel, Leisure, or Hospitality Experience

  • Woohoo by SmartBeings Inc.              
  • Angie by Angie Hospitality     
  • Orderscape by Orderscape

We are honored to also include the presentation of voice technology awards by Samsung and Amazon – The Alexa Cup during the VOICE Summit Awards.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions



Finalists are chosen by a panel of Modev leaders and sponsors in 12 categories for voice experiences:

Best Conversational Design

Recognizing reliable, easy to use or productive voice platforms.

Best Multi-Modal Experience

Recognizing the best multi-modal voice experience (must use at least two distinctly different modalities).

Best Game

Recognizing the best voice interaction within a gaming platform.

Best Shopping/E-commerce Experience

Recognizing the best shopping voice experience improving upon the shopper’s journey and connecting the brick-and-mortar visits to the online experience.

Best Educational Experience

Recognizing the best educational voice experience.

Best Healthcare Experience

Recognizing the best healthcare voice experience to support or connect patients to healthcare providers, services or the industry.

Best Travel, Leisure or Hospitality Experience

Recognizing the best travel, leisure or hospitality voice experience to improve the overall customer experience.

Best Brand Interaction

Recognizing the best overall brand experience using voice technology bringing a new level of customization and support across the entire platform.

Best IoT Voice Device

Recognizing the best IoT device experience using voice technology for the home, appliances, toys, wearables, security systems, and more to create new ways of doing things in an innovative, responsive and efficient manner.

Best In-Car Experience

Recognizing the best in-car voice experience using voice technology to personalize and enhance the driving experience.

Best Banking/Financial Experience

Recognizing the best banking / financial voice experience to improve the overall customer experience and level of support.

Best Media Experience

Recognizing the best media voice experience to consume news, weather, traffic and other current events.

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2019 VOICE Summit Awards