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Context is Everything.

The Context is Everything Hackathon at VOICE22, presented by and Vonage is an opportunity for developers, conversation designers, product managers and tech enthusiasts to test their skills and win cash and other fun prizes. Attendees can join from around the world virtually or in-person (or both!) at VOICE 2022, taking place October 10-12 in Arlington, VA.


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On your marks....

The Context is Everything hackathon kicke off on September 12 with a virtual workshop to go over the APIs and other details (replay video below). We’ll conclude the event on October 10 at VOICE 2022. This format will allow developers, designers, product managers, entrepreneurs and technology enthusiasts the time to innovate and bring their ideas to life. Teams and individuals are encouraged to register. Participants do not need to attend in-person.


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Hackathon Details

As day to day human interactions are increasingly shifting onto digital channels and real-time interactive applications, conversation and voice data is becoming increasingly more accessible and abundant. Between virtual meetings and events, to online classrooms and more, developers now have access to unlocking and harnessing the power of conversation data and extracting valuable insights from context.

Contextual AI, also referred to as Context Understanding, enables developers to build applications capable of not just recognizing, but actually understanding what is being said. Developers can extend beyond speech-to-text or recognition capabilities, and, in real-time, analyze and extract general and unique contextual intelligence from conversations at scale.

Your (Hackathon) Challenge

It’s simple — build an interactive experience using Vonage’s Voice or Video APIs, and integrate it with’s APIs to add context understanding features to solve for the use cases below:

  1. Automation/Productivity — Leverage conversation data to increase productivity and/or create a unique automation workflow.
    Example: An AI meeting assistant that automatically summarizes all your meetings, or updates your jira tickets during a stand up.

  2. Content Moderation — Enhance automated moderation beyond just scanning keywords, but also identify contextually relevant phrases, sentiment and profanity.
    Example: Monitoring work meetings for HR inappropriate language or prevent bullying in online chat and gaming environments.

  3. Intent Detection — Identifying speaker intent and interest by analyzing the transcript and context in real-time.
    Example: Identifying upsell opportunities and churn risks in customer conversations, or indicating candidate interest for online interviews.

  4. Call Coaching — Analyze conversations to improve user interactions over live chats, phone, and other digital communications at scale.
    Example: An aggregate dashboard of call data for call centers and support teams to analyze how to improve customer satisfaction.

  5. Wild Card: Dream Big — Build the most amazing Contextual AI driven app that does not yet exist on the market and solve a problem no one has yet to solve. It does not have to be a business related or specific to common conversation AI use cases.

Submission Guidelines

  • To qualify to win, submitted projects must incorporate both and Vonage APIs or technology. Other tech and APIs may also be included in addition to and Vonage.
  • You are expected to come up with new and innovative ideas, any idea(s) deemed as plagiarized or copied from somewhere else are disqualified.
  • Your hack must be developed entirely during the Hackathon duration. You may use open source libraries and other freely available systems / services such as Google Maps, Facebook Connect, Twitter feeds etc.
  • The intellectual property of your code belongs only to you or your team.

Getting Started


  1. Sign up for a free developer account using this link (it will give you $150 in free credits), and check out the docs with this link.
  2. Sign up for a Vonage API Developer account using this link, and enter code 22VHSLB for $20 free credit (need help with the coupon code? Click here).
    a. The $20 free credit will take you a long way, check out the pricing models for reference for Voice API and Video API. Review Vonage docs.
  3. Attend the live hackathon kickoff & workshop on September 12 (or the replay)
  4. Review the resources below and start building



About is a Conversation Intelligence (CI) platform for building applications capable of understanding natural human conversations at scale. Our comprehensive suite of APIs and SDKs make it easy to build and deploy intelligent real-time speech-to-text functionality, extract contextual insights, classify unique conversation data, and generate advanced conversation analytics across all channels. Docs

About Vonage

Vonage, a global cloud communications leader, has everything you need to build connected applications with their APIs for SMS, Voice, Video, Verify and more to help businesses accelerate digital transformation. Vonage's Communications Platform allows for easy integration with social chat apps such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Viber, or build in-app voice and messaging experience on mobile and web. Vonage's fully programmable unified communications, contact center and conversational commerce applications are built from the platform and empower companies to create meaningful engagements. 


Vonage Docs



Hackathon kickoff - September 12
Hackathon happens Sept 12 - Oct 10
Hackathon close Oct 10th
Awards Announced on Oct 11th at VOICE

Judges, Scoring & Prizes

Scoring Criteria:

All projects submitted will be graded with the following set of parameters

  • Creativity/Innovation - showcase your ‘out of the box’ thinking and present a solution not anyone can come up with
  • Business Value - can your solution greatly increase business value in the real world, and by how much?
  • Scalability - how easy and practical is it to apply it in the real world?
  • Presentation - a great working application is one thing, but adding visual appeal and backing it with a great story takes it up a few levels. 


  • Cash Prize: $750.00 + $250.00 Amazon gift card

  • developer swag pack: graphic hoodie, t-shirt, stickers, and other goodies

  • credits: 5,000 free minutes ($290 value)

  • Vonage swag pack: socks, notebook, pen, a reusable straw and some stickers


  • Cash Prize: $1,500.00 + $500.00 Amazon gift card 

  • developer swag pack: graphic hoodie, t-shirt, stickers, and other goodies

  • credits: 10,000 free minutes ($580 value)

  • Vonage swag pack: socks, notebook, pen, a reusable straw and some stickers


Level up your app and win a bonus award of $500 by solving for a multi-modal conversation data use case. Any participant can win this award, regardless if your submission places in the first or second place or not. If you have what it takes, submit a project that wins it all, by placing first or second place and also win this bonus. Please see full details about the bonus award below.

More Details About the Bonus Award:

The rules are simple. In addition to the basic qualification rules (see submission guidelines section), build an application capable of multi-modal context transfer. What does that mean?


Think of a use case where a conversation can occur across different channels of communication. It’s common in customer support, sales calls, doctor visits, etc… where you will need to interact and communicate with multiple people through multiple channels about the same conversation. For example, you may have started with a live chat, got transferred to a phone line, and responded to an email while contacting support from your local cable provider. Each of those channels are handled by different reps who are all trying to solve one single problem for you, but they don’t all necessarily have all the accurate information about your pain points, intentions, etc… 


Wouldn’t it be nice if AI was leveraged to extract contextual data from each conversation in real-time and disseminated across all channels of communication with the customer? Put your thinking cap on and build something to solve for a multi-modal use case you think would greatly benefit human-to-human interactions for a chance to win the bonus prize of $500. 


To qualify as a multi-modal app, it must combine two or more communication channels of your choice (email, chat, phone call, virtual meetings etc…)

Judges & Speakers

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